Thursday, January 31, 2013

Finding a Great Everyday Abaya. . . Casual Edition :)

    An abaya just like any other garment can be and should be an expression of you and your personal tastes. . . and if you are anything like me that can change from day to day. I cant sum myself up in one word  and one style doesn't fit every facet of my life either. Lucky for us the abaya is a garment that can offer us an identity with our Islamic community as well as offering us a range of styles as unique and varied as we are.  . . gone are the days of one style fits all.

    I know many of you are busy mothers, and wives just like I am in addition to being career women. Plus, we all have a need for a bit of uniqueness and individual expression. I know what is on the outside shouldn't be what is most important but a decent appearance is pretty important in so many situations. I for one feel like a poorly executed outfit can really rain on my parade. Have you ever stepped out of the house and then realized that the outfit you picked out really isn't working as well as you thought? . . . or maybe you just picked an outfit that was too formal or too informal for the occasion? Those minor little details can have a pretty big affect on how you feel during your day. Plus, I don't think there is any reason that Muslim women have to present themselves as overly drab and certainly not as shabby or untidy in their appearance. I think a nice modest outfit can really show Muslims and non-muslims alike that there is a real beauty in modesty. My clothing is not a sign of oppression but rather a representation of what I believe and who I am. Freedom is not about how much I choose to show but rather about understanding the value and dignity of being who I am. . . and who I am is a Muslim woman and a woman who loves fashion ;).

So I want a little bit of fashion no matter where my day takes me. Even on the most casual of days there is a pretty way to do comfortable. So for all of you ladies enjoying a day in the park, hustling across campus to class, watching your kids soccer game or any other laid back kind of day I suggest checking out the modern range of abaya offered at Khimar Online.

The Blueberry Abaya made of a beautiful high quality crepe is a personal favorite of mine (and machine washable too!). It has a very fun and playful  look that can really take you through a whole range of casual occasions. The puff sleeves, the flowing fabric. . . everything about this abaya just says feminine and soft. It has a bit of a bohemian look about it that could be played up with a bold printed scarf and some fun accessories like a chunky necklace or bangles or softened down with a lighter solid colored hijab.
If you are feeling bright and playful pair it with this grey floral scarf (viscose) and only £3.99.

Feeling a bit more sophisticated try pairing it with this beautifully detailed one piece slip on set.

What says casual style more than an effortless use of denim in you outfit.? Plus, this is an abaya that would work perfectly with your favorite pair of Mary Jane styled tennis shoes or even your coolest pair of Converse :).
I think this striped beauty denim abaya would look perfect kicked up a notch with a really beautiful bright colored hijab. My favorite accent colors are hot pink and turquoise. . . I swear turquoise works with pretty much ANYTHING.

Simplicity. . . simply put is an abaya you cant really go wrong with. It is a cotton blend that is machine washable . . and who isn't a fan of wash and wear? Plus, its simple monochromatic styling and delicate piping lend this abaya to many different ways of styling your outfit. You could go very plain and basic like in the photo or you could through on a cardigan or blazer in cooler weather. It could easily be dressed up with a complimentary silk scarf.

Silk Berry Blossom hijab

. . . . or you could really pop this outfit with a nice fresh pop of color with this beautiful dark pink bouquet of a hijab :).
So I say your days are what you make of them. . . be kind. . . be happy . . . and be fashionable ;).
Salaam ladies.

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