Sunday, February 17, 2013

Aren't You Hot In That? . . . And Other Questions Hijabis Get

   Wearing hijab in the west makes you clearly Muslim or at least clearly different and curious to a lot of people out there. Since all that many people know about Islam is what they have seen on TV it is pretty safe to say that most people know very little. This can cause feeling of anything from dislike or fear to mild curiosity. I whole heatedly prefer the curious variety :). The thing is that if someone feels comfortable enough to ask me an honest question then I will do my best to give them a friendly and honest reply. Heck, even if their question strikes me as a little less than friendly I will still try my best to give a respectful and polite answer. I know that each Muslim doesn't represent every Muslim but our individual actions sure can reflect badly on the community as a whole. So polite is always a pretty sound policy.
    Let's bring on the questions:

1. Aren't you hot in that?

What I think : Yep, if everyone else is hot and it is a thousand degrees outside then you are darn tootin I am hot too :D.

What I say: Well, all of the fabrics I wear are pretty light and loose so I am okay.

2. Do you wear that on your head all of the time /in your house/ to sleep/ whatever?

What I think: Sure, I wear it all of the time, everywhere . . . as a matter of fact I just glued it right on.

What I say: No I take it off and relax at home with friends and family like everyone else.

3. Do you have any hair?

What I think: Nope, but I though going Muslim was cheaper than buying a wig.

What I say: Yes, I just cover my hair as part of my religious obligation.

4.Does your husband make you wear that?

What I think:Yeah, he gets up every morning and picks out my clothes and dresses me. . . doesn't YOUR husband make you wear that?  Ummmm . . . I am pretty sure millions of people freely choose to be Muslim and plenty of them are women.

What I say: No, I choose to wear hijab to honor the obligations of my religion and my husband respects my choices.

5. Do you speak English?

In my head: Raised eyebrows, shake my head, confused look.

What I say: Yep.

6. Have you ever heard of Jesus (PBUH)?

Okay, no joking here.
What I say: Yes I have. Islam accepts Jesus (PBUH) as a prophet and follows his teachings as we follow all of the prophets.
Plus, I will politely take any literature given to me, smile and say thank you. Honestly, I respect anyone who has so much faith and wants to share it with others in a respectful way. I have my beliefs but I want to be respectful to everyone else.

7. Where do you find your clothes?

   Heehee. Hey, people do ask :D. Plus, you would be amazed how often non Muslim ladies compliment and admire graceful modest fashions. I even find that on occasion our Christian sisters are looking for more modest clothing to be more in accordance to what they feel are the teachings of their faith as well. Oh, and of course a good answer is Khimar Online :D.

   Okay, I was just poking a little fun with some of these answers. Truth be told I am happy when people ask me a question. I wish more people were open to learning and seeing that we really aren't so different . . . and not scary at all ;). Silly questions are definitely accepted here. . .  I am happy to answer . . . and you have also given me the gift of a funny story to tell my friends if your question is silly enough :).
   Have any of you ladies gotten some silly questions? I would love for you to share if you have.

Salaam ladies.

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