Sunday, February 3, 2013

Black is back. . . Okay, it never left ;)

   Color, Color, color is the story in all of those big couture abaya lines hitting the runways. Hey, I am totally on board. I love color and don't think abaya need to be limited to a sea of black. I might not want to be all black all of the time but there is no way in the world I would go without it either! Every closet needs a really great black abaya . . . or four ;). Black is a really great fall back for any occasion and it is nice to have black abaya you can turn to for whereever you are going. . . not to mention black is the perfect palate for showcasing some of your beautiful patterned hijabs or favorite accessories.
     One of the hottest trends coming up for the spring is monochromatic looks. Are you not ready for dressing in head to toe pink or blue or any color for that matter?. . . it can be a little hard to pull off. Going all black is a nod to the trend and universally flattering so the choice is pretty simple. With this in mind we designed some of our abayas to fit perfectly into this trend.

Why not step out in Rare Nights, your favorite black heels and a khaleeji shayla? If you are loving a monochromatic look  try it with our black jersey hijab (a trend onto itself in the world of hijabs.. . if you haven't tried jersey this is the perfect place to start) . Going for a chic all black look also offers the perfect backdrop for showing off some of your favorite accessories. Nothing looks more sophisticated than a simple black outfit with a really great necklace or your favorite cocktail ring. Even better a black outfit is easily dressed up for evening with the addition of a beautiful hijab pin.
Brown delight could provide a little pop of gold placed delicately near the temple.
. . . or for a bolder elegant look try a beautiful larger crystal  drop brooch in your hijab or pinned to your shoulder.

A great fashion trend that never really leaves is the spectator look and here with Tie Me In it is already done for you. Black and white will never go wrong and never go out of style. Tie Me In also offers a nod to  60's  fashion but modified for the Muslim woman. It has that fit and flair style of a classic 60's sheath and a classy fun bow detail at the neckline. I would go simple and fitted with my hijab and minimal with the accesorries. The design of this dress really stands alone.

Looking for a blank canvas that you can wear in a million different ways then a simple black abaya is the perfect way to go. You can go subtle and subdued like some of the looks I suggested above or you can really play with how you accessorize this one and transform it from one day to the next.
Get in touch with your wild side with some leopard print.

Go classic British Casual with the look of an iconic beige plaid.

. . . or show your softer side with a pretty pastel lux scarf.

Black. . . dress it up or dress it down and it is like that old friend that never lets you down. We understand that and offer a wide range of black abaya styles for you to choose from.
. . .  and ladies please don't forget to enter our contest to win a free hijab. . . what better way to dress up your favorite abaya?
Salaam Ladies.

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