Friday, February 15, 2013

Nothing but Blue Skies

Nothing but Blue Skies
  My favorite color to wear is blue so this set is right down my alley. Blue is such a universally flattering color and the weird thing about that is that there is no one perfect shade of blue. . . they are all pretty great. I can't think of a blue I don't like. So my love of blue inspired this look. I thought I would mix up a few shades of blue and I just love how they all work so well together.  I started with our simplicity abaya as the base of this outfit.  It is one of those abayas that has such subtle styling that it can lend itself to so many different looks depending on your personal tastes.  I went with our blue underscarf to anchor our hijab look to the abaya and then added our beautiful bright blue floral hijab to really pop this outfit. Some really fun studded turquoise flats, a dash of turquoise jewelry and a funky printed handbag and you are out the door and your simple abaya becomes an outfit with personality and style.
Salaam Ladies.

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