Friday, March 8, 2013

Are you a sticker sticker or a sticker saver? ;)

Watching my daughter got me thinking about I wonder just how much our childhood habits say about the kind of people we will become. When I was little I always saved my stickers like they were unique little treasures. I was always careful not to waste them so I held on to them waiting to find the perfect place to use them. I bet somewhere up in my moms attic there is still a stash of unused stickers from my childhood. I even find myself now saving clothes I like and waiting for the perfect occasion to wear them and I somehow end up wearing stuff I don't even like as well much more often than the things I love. What a waste to have beautiful clothing, jewelry or whatever just hanging around unused :(.  I know our beautiful practical abaya will help me break that habit. I want to try and get dressed and feel good about myself everyday. I know it is shallow but if you go out looking bummy it can really spoil your day and how you feel about yourself throughout the day. If I look like a frump or a bag lady then I kinda feel like one .  The great thing is that now at Khimar online I have all kinds of options for beautiful everyday wear that are comfortable to wear and machine washable.  So now I feel like I can wear my favorite clothes everyday and not worry about having to dry clean something or being stuck in any kind of stuffy fabric.

     Hmmmm . . . I'm off track . . if I ever have a track :D. Back to stickers. I have always been a sticker saver. My daughter is the opposite. She sticks every sticker she gets right away. She sticks them on books, on toys, on her clothes, she sticks them on other people . . . everywhere. I wonder what this says about the two of us? I like to think that she is a little free spirit. Life is in the moment and life is in the living . . . it isn't always about some ideal fantasy moment in the future that might never come. These days I try to stick all of my stickers too. Whats the point of having stuff just to have it right? I can still dream of those perfect moments to come but I really want to enjoy all of the beautiful simple moments that life gives me everyday too.  Salaam Ladies :).


  1. SubhanAllah.. When I read ur post, was really surprised.. As I'm also a sticker saver..Will save them until I get a special place to use them.. Like wise the Dresses or anything.. I would save them n care them so much to use it for a special purpose.. I love ur dresses.. Really unique..MashaAllah..Hope to get from u soon.. As i don't wear them In India.. Here its a traditional saree place.. so no time for these beautiful attire.. :))

  2. :-) Cute, a kindred spirit I think. Thank you for the compliment. We are really proud of the clothing we offer. Oh, and Start sticking those stickers :-D.



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