Monday, March 4, 2013

Having a Bad Hijab Day

   Some people may think it is not possible.  . . how can you have a bad hijab day? Trust me it is possible.  . . maybe it is just me but every once in a while my scarf is just unruly and uncooperative. Sometimes it is too fluffy and big and sometimes it is so flat and boring. Every once in a while I get the brilliant idea to watch some of those lovely ladies and their online hijab tutorials that they just buzz around doing and look so beautiful. I on the other hand have little talent for this and often end up confused and with something that looks nothing like theirs. Sometimes I watch the video I fix up my hijab and BLAM . . .hijab perfection. I get all excited and plan on  trying out my new scarf do the next day. Then somehow by the time morning comes my scarf is no longer cooperative and no matter how much I fold and twist and pin I just end up with a misshapen blob on top of my head. This in and of itself isn't the problem. The problem is I spend so much time fooling with trying to get it right I suddenly find myself out of time and have to run out the door all askew.
   Some bad hijab days don't start as bad hijab days . . . they just kind of meander in that direction. You walk out the door feeling pretty nice and somehow a little later your hijab starts to feel like it is leaning in one direction or heavy somewhere or maybe you start feeling that little breeze at the back of your neck. I hate that! Even if my hijab is covering all of the skin on my neck up to my collar  if the fabric isn't flush together it will drive me crazy tugging it and adjusting it.
    Have you ever had your hijab on all perfect only to have a little loved one yank on it? What about an unexpectedly windy day when you stepped out in a loose or draped style hijab. I have had those walks in the wind where I have ended up feeling like I am in a fight with my hijab. Sometimes it wins and flips up in the wind and tries to eat my face or whips around creating that organic niqab ;).
   The temperature can lead to a bad hijab day too. I like layered looks and heavier pashminas can be perfect in the winter. But if that unexpectedly warm spring day catches you off guard you can end up baking in your poorly chosen hijab.
  Maybe this one is just me. . . but have you ever styled your hijab and it was all comfy and such but then you went out to eat somewhere and then realized you pinned it a tad too snug under the chin?
   A big creator of bad hijab days for me are those pesky little fine short hairs that feather around your hairline. They are like little escape artists. Even when  I wear an undercap they find ways to wiggle around and peep out the front of my hijab. A stray hair showing isn't a big deal but I hate the feeling of them brushing my face or peeping out at my forehead. I have taken to spraying them down with hairspray in the mornings.
   I wonder if I am just a little loopy but sometimes a hijab style just doesn't move with me exactly like it should. It is all well and good looking straight forward but then my hijab doesn't feel like it is exactly moving with me when I turn my head so in an attempt not to mess up my hijab I start twisting my whole upper body to look from side to side as if I am some weird sort of robot hijabi.
  I guess all of this silliness is why I try to keep it pretty simple most of the time. .. plus I am a little scared of walking around with too many pins stuck all around my head ;). All joking aside, this is just a little bit of silliness and fun. I love my hijab and what it means to me.
Salaam Ladies.

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