Friday, March 1, 2013

New Giveaway !!!!!!!

  I am so excited to announce that Khimar online is hosting a new giveaway :). It is simple to enter. All you need to do is sign up to follow the blog by email. It is simple and here is how you do it:  If you look  over to the right side of your screen you will see a little box that says follow by email (It is next to the about me section). All you have to do is enter your email address into that box and click submit. Another box will pop up asking you to confirm and asking you to type in the letters it shows you. . . you know, one of those weird random wiggle letter sets that are kind of hard to read. . . I'm sure they serve some purpose but are kind of baffling to me :D. Then an email will be sent to your address and all you have to do is click on the blue link to confirm your subscription and you are done and entered in our contest . . . plus you are signed up to get email alerts when we have a new post and InshaAllah you will enjoy reading our posts about fashion, fun, hijab related issues and of course future contests :D.
   I am really happy about this giveaway because the contest is so easy and the prize is pretty awesome. You can pick the hijab of your choice and the underscarf of your choice. You can match them and make a set or just pick them to mix and match with what you already have at home. I put together a few sets just to have a little fun. The possibilities are really endless with what you could choose.
Mix and Match
Here is a great patterned underscarf paired with a beautiful turquoise jersey hijab. I love a look like this with a simple black abaya or with a fun casual outfit with a tunic and jeans. This is a really great casual combination.
Cafe Latte
Here is a set I like to call Cafe Latte. I just think there is nothing richer and warmer than mixing shades of brown and tan. This is a perfect fall or winter combination. The crisscross styling gives this a lot of visual interest without needing to add a lot of accessories.
Satin and bobbles
I paired a satin underscarf here with one of our lovely bobble hijabs. Bobble hijabs are super hot right now and also are a very fun look. What I like about this look is that I am able to dress up this fun youthful look by adding the rich texture and color of the satin underscarf.
Light Blue Combo
Here is a soft look that is perfect for the upcoming spring. The colors are so light and fresh. Plus, this underscarf goes beyond a traditional underscarf and offers the pleats already made into the cap. You can have the look of a styled hijab without all of the folding and pinning. What a great idea!
Olive Dreams
Here is a nice combination of a olive colored silk scarf and a co-ordinated underscarf that also offers you neck coverage. These underscarves are amazing because they offer you so much more versatility in how you can style your hijab. I personally love hijab styles that are loose and free flowing and open at the neck. With this type of underscarf you can create those looks and still have the modesty of full coverage that you want.
  So sign up for your chance to win and create the combination you will love :).

Salaam Ladies and happy entering!


  1. I wish to win this time from u.. love this competition.. i hav done the entries.. :)) InshaAllah..

  2. Alhamdulillah, subscription is confirmed :) Hope to win Insha'Allah :D



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