Friday, March 8, 2013

Night Out

Date Night

Night out by khimar featuring hijab scarves
This dress is really beautiful and classy enough to take you to any event or occasion.  When I designed this set I had a special evening with your husband in mind. Sometimes we get so busy with kids and work and family we forget that we need those special moments with our significant other. I, for one, am one of those people who tosses on my pajamas about two minutes after I walk in the door. But every once in a while you need those special evenings alone where you can dress up and go out with your husband and remind him of the beautiful woman he married (okay, he really should see your wonder woman like abilities on a daily basis . . . trust me I know most of us ladies have a lot on our plates and occasionally pull of  bits of domestic magic alongside of busy careers). Every marriage needs a night out every once and a while and here is a perfect outfit for one of those special evenings. The Crochet Dream abaya will have you feeling beautiful with its delicate lace details and flowing chiffon skirt. I paired it with a beautiful pair of sandals and a really cute beaded clutch. I kept the hijab and underscarf simple and in colours that co-ordinate with the abaya. I added a delicate golden hijab pin for just the tiniest kiss of bling ;). Now you are ready for that special evening.
Salaam Ladies.

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