Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spotlight : Striped Beauty Denim

   I just have to start by saying this is a fabulous abaya because it is just so versatile. The abaya itself is made up of two parts. You get a denim jumper and you get a jersey dress. The extra beauty of this abaya is that the underdress is a full abaya in and of itself. It is full length and the weight of the fabric is hefty enough that it isn't see through at all and is a great stand alone piece! Striped beauty denim (we also have a striped beauty in black so check that out too ;) ) is in our modern range of abaya. We wanted to create some abaya that fall into a modern or urban styled feel. What I love about striped beauty is that you get that great casual modern feel but you don't get all of that random fussy stitching and zippers everywhere that you often find in modern or urban styled abaya. I want to look trendy but it isn't 1987 and I'm not Michael Jackson ;). So I am so happy with how modern and comfortable this abaya is without being over styled and overdone.
    This abaya is so versatile and the looks you can create with the two pieces together or separately are really only limited by your imagination since you can add tops under the jumper or cardigans or blazers over the striped portion. I created three different looks to show you today. They are all pretty basic and simple but I know you fashionistas out there can really go to town creating stylish looks. First I wore the two pieces of the abaya together just as they are sold. This actually might be my favorite look since it does make a really great set.
   The jumper is generously cut and has these great pockets on the front. I don't know why but I love having pockets where you can throw anything in them in a pinch and I kind of just like having a place to put my hands sometimes :). The jumper is cut lower on the sides. This creates a really cool look while the striped abaya beneath ensures modesty. For this first look I went really bright and fun with my accessories. I think this is a perfect casual day look.
    For my second look I layered the abaya over a tunic top I had in my closet. I would definitely recommend wearing this jumper either over a full dress or a tunic because of the side detailing. You could use a regular top and pants or a skirt but I don't think the look would be as comfortable and the lines wouldn't be as clean in my opinion.
   This time I went with a more subdued color palate. It is still a casual look but it is just a bit more of a grown up casual look.
   For my third look I wore the striped abaya on its own and added a bright pop of color in my hijab. I went with green but I think lots of colors (red, pink, blue etc) would work equally as well. This abaya has a small button placard at the neckline and a very gentle shaping at the waist . . . so this is totally a fully finished and functional abaya. I love that!
   I am so happy with the value we are able to offer with this abaya. This abaya is a perfect wardrobe builder since it has so many styling options with what you get. It also feels so season less. This abaya would be perfect under a sweater or jacket in the winter or fall and this striped abaya is practically begging me to wear it on a trip to the beach this summer ;). I hope you enjoyed this closer look at striped beauty. Please don't forget to enter our competition to win a free hijab and underscarf of your choice. All you have to do is sign up to follow our blog through email. Simple! Plus, you will get product updates and styling tips as well.

Salaam Ladies.

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