Wednesday, April 3, 2013

How do you lose weight?

   I have never been any good at dieting and up until now I didn't really feel like I needed to. I have always been kind of naturally slim growing up. .. but work and two kids later I am finding myself picking up a little more weight than I would like. I love wearing loose flowy abaya.

They are easy to wear, cover a lot and are flattering . . . but I am starting to realize that there is a difference between being flattering and being magic ;). I want to be able to see my feet without leaning forward :D. So I have decided I need to take some kind of action. I have stocked our fridge all full of fruits and veggies. . . . but some how cookies and cake and candy seem to have a way of finding me. Everyone is always cooking something yummy and I have so little will power sometimes. I thought about trying a cereal diet where you eat cereal for breakfast and lunch and then have a healthy dinner. I have oodles of cereal in the cabinet but so far I have yet to skip a regular meal in favor of cereal.
  Okay, I will work on the nutrition bit. Exercise! How do you get enough exercise? I am definitely not a go to the gym kind of gal. I don't have the discipline or the confidence to exercise in front of other people. . . plus I don't even think there is a women's gym here where I live. I think I have tried every piece of equipment under the sun and they usually end up as a coat rack or gathering dust in the garage. I prefer walking in the great outdoors. The weather has been a little uncooperative lately though. So until the weather breaks I thought I might try something a friend told me about. . . . a weighted hula hoop!! I always liked hula hooping and I can just get a little exercise and watch the news at the same time. Trust me I know it isn't a fix all. . . but I am up for trying it. So I ordered my Hula hoop and it arrived last night. I put it all together and got hooping this morning. It was fun but it kind of felt like Hula Hooping combined with being smacked in the belly and sides by a toddler because of the little added weight. I finished my first little five minute trial and was tomato red all around my midsection. . . but I am determined to keep up with it. I am going to have to search around for some other practical and easy exercises I can do in the house. Anybody have any ideas or success stories? I would love to hear. As you can see I am no health nut and not disciplined but am realizing that we all need to take time to take care of ourselves a little. I think it can be easy to let everything slide when you get busy and have little kids running around and dress in loose clothing anyway. So I am taking a little stab at doing something about it ;).
Salaam Ladies.

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