Sunday, April 28, 2013

OOTD Pink Marine Abaya

I  know so many ladies love pink just like I do. Pink can be a difficult shade to find in an abaya and I know so many of us get excited when we finally do find the perfect modest piece in pink. This abaya is a really soft lovely shade of pink. The color is very easy to pair with any number of hijabs you may own. I paired it with a patterned hijab in some bolder shades of pink and blue but you could easily go for a softer look with a neutral colored hijab or any number of solid colors as well. I have been so happy to see these first peeps of warm weather and there is nothing I love more than seeing the first beautiful spring flowers emerge from the ground after a long winter. I really feel so feminine and elegant in this abaya and can just imagine wearing this to a garden party or strolling through a local botanical garden. It just feels so wonderful to be wearing fresh light colors after a winter full of dark and heavy clothing and colors. The jersey on this abaya is soft and light as a feather but is sturdy enough to be opaque. I would recommend a full slip under this one just because of the light color and the added modesty it would provide. So if you are looking to add a little color to your wardrobe I would highly recommend the Pink Marine abaya.
Salaam Ladies.

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