Monday, May 13, 2013

Every day should be Mother's Day :)

Mother's Day

   Yesterday out of curiosity I googled Mother's Day and saw that so many countries set aside special days to honor our mothers. Every day is a Mother's day in Islam. Love, Respect and Obey her everyday and also if Wikipedia is correct people are celebrating Mother's Day pretty much every month of the year.  For instance Mother's day has passed in the UK but is coming up shortly in the USA. Pretty neat right? But we don't have to wait for any special occasion to celebrate our mothers. Any day is the perfect day to shower her with unexpected gifts. I know there is no one in this world that I owe more to than my beautiful mother! My mother is my role model, the person who still to this day picks me up when I fall down, she is my friend, my teacher, my inspiration . . . my mother. So if you are looking to treat your mother or just a surprise gift for your own very special mother I have created a fun collage of ideas. What woman wouldn't want to dress up in our subtle yet dazzling Bejeweled abaya (and hey for all of us mothers out there. . . we need to treat our selves to something special sometimes too ;) )?  Everyone knows that chocolates and flowers are great gifts for perking someone up and making them feel special.  . . but you know what is an even better gift? The gift of beauty. Our cosmetics and beauty products are vegan and halal. . . guilt free beauty! So treat your mother or yourself to a high quality in home beauty treatment. The gift of feeling better and looking better and of making socially responsible choices. So take a little time out and celebrate your mother or yourself a little bit. Muslims don't see any significance in the celebration of Mother's day, Women's day, Valentine's day etc. Simply because these are not legislated by Allah. Let's love our parents, respect women, show compassion to our spouses all through the year. Our Lord wants us to be dutiful all through the year; not to just cheer aimlessly for a day.A little gesture that says I love you is welcome 365 days a year :).
Salaam Ladies.

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