Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Is there a color you love but it does not love you?

Hot pink

 Sometimes I find myself attracted to all kinds of beautiful bright colors or lovely soft pastels and then when I purchase a shirt or a hijab I find that this beautiful color next to my face gives me a terrible case of monster face or hospital escapee. I know you all know that for some of us there are certain colors that enhance our looks and certain colors that do not agree with us at all. Do you ever fall in love with one of those colors that you just cant wear? Is the hot color for the summer a big no-no for you? I think if there is any color you like or want to wear then there are some pretty easy ways to make it work for you.  You could trying wearing the color away from the face as in a bottom such as pants or a skirt. One easy or obvious solution is to use that color as a minor accent color. I designed the set above around that concept. Here I did add a pop of bright color near the face because hot pink is not a color that disagrees with me so much as it is a very loud color so I do like to limit how much hot pink I wear as not to become a walking neon sign. I kept the outfit very simple and neutral using our Misty Moments abaya and a neutral hijab and handbag. The neutral base gave me the freedom to really amp up the color of my accessories and incorporate a color I love.
   Another option for wearing a color you love but don't love right next to your face is mixing it up with your underscarf. I see other women in black hijab and think how beautiful they look. But when I wear a simple black hijab I often find that the color overwhelms my face leaving me feeling very heavy and drab. So if I want to wear a solid black hijab I will usually add a colored underscarf to brighten up my face.
   By doing this I have lightened my look and kept the color I wanted away from my face and also I could be incorporating an extra color from my outfit into my hijab  style.
    So if from time to time you feel like there is a color or style you would like to wear but cant maybe all you need to do is be creative and find a different or easier way to work it into your wardrobe.
Salaam Ladies.

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