Tuesday, May 28, 2013

When are you ready to wear hijab?

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    For some people this is a somewhat easier and more natural decision. Some people grow up in homes and around family who wear hijab and have friends and lots of support. Some people are a bit more isolated and it can be a difficult decision to commit to. A lot of people worry about how others will respond to them and if they are wearing it correctly and if they will be accepted in hijab and any number of concerns. I don't think there is any one answer to the question of when are you ready to wear hijab. Some people just jump in with both feet and commit and some people start easing into wearing hijab. I hear some people warn that you should have your beliefs and practices as a whole in check before you worry about wearing hijab. I can definitely see how this is a valid point. On the other hand I would never discourage anyone from wearing hijab if it was a step that they thought would help them grow in their relationship with Islam. I mean to me wearing the hijab helps me to remember my faith and to try to live my faith as fully and well as I can. So I really think it is something to be determined on an individual basis. If you begin wearing hijab and feel like you aren't living up to other requirements of Islam it could leave you feeling like you aren't properly representing Islam but for others wearing hijab might be that push to draw Islam around ourselves more fully.
    I think perhaps most import is to remember that hijab is not Islam but rather hijab is one commitment we make to our beautiful faith of Islam. It is important to look closely at the reasons and the benefits of wearing hijab. Coming to a point where you can embrace an obligation is much more fulfilling than looking at them as a chore or a mere duty.
   It is also a good idea to be true to who you are. One way in which you can do that is finding some version of your style within the realm of Islamic dress. That is one thing we strive to offer you in our selection of modern stylish abaya and hijabs.

   Modesty is beautiful as a principle and you can be beautiful and modest at the same time.
Salaam Ladies.

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