Thursday, May 23, 2013

Why I deserve a new abaya :)

   I think we all deserve a little something special and new every now and then. I think that sometimes as women we put everyone else ahead of ourselves and forget about our own value sometimes. Every once in a while when things go awry we get a little glimpse at all the things we really do keep in order and running smoothly.
    So here is my true story of how man sickness is different from woman sickness and how us ladies really do keep our homes running.
  Okay, first lets take a look at what happens when my husband gets sick. There is lots of moaning and groaning and he effectively becomes an invalid. I am actually really happy for a chance to baby and take care of my husband. I might make him soup or give him a foot rub and try to keep the kids quiet and out of the way so he can get plenty of sleep like he needs to.
   So now lets take a look at what happened the other day when I got sick. I mean I really got sick . . . laying on the bathroom floor feeling like I am going to die sick. So this leaves my husband in charge of the kids. They are stuck eating leftovers and I will definitely give him credit for getting everyone fed. I hear all kinds of weird bangs and squeals that would send me running on another day but I am feeling so bad that I just decide that ANYTHING can wait until the next day. I am all curled up in bed ignoring all of the crazy sounds in the house. But all of the sounds eventually seek me out. My son comes jumping across the bed dressed only in underpants screaming that his mouth was on fire. I drag myself out of bed to investigate what was going on. My husband was napping and my daughter was feeding my son peanut butter mixed with hot sauce hence his mouth being on fire. I asked why her brother was only wearing underpants. My  daughter said she took his clothes off because he got all wet doing the dishes. Huh? Just to let you know my son is only three years old. There was mayonnaise on the counter with a straw in it and all manner of strange mixes of food that the kids had created. There is a trail of muddy footprints leading from the kitchen to the bathroom. Argh! I see I am not allowed to be sick at my house or apparently the house will fall down within a matter of hours. So I got a little glimpse at what the world is like without me and hey it is better with me in it. . . and that is why I deserve a little something pretty every once in a while ;).
Salaam ladies.

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