Monday, June 17, 2013

Beautiful handbags have arrived at Khimar Online!

   Have you browsed our website lately? We have some amazing new additions that I am very excited about!  I am the kind of person who likes to shop for an outfit when I shop. I love to mix and match items once I get them home but I always like to shop in outfits if I can. I hate buying an item and then not being able to figure out what to wear it with. So we are trying our best to keep all of your fashion needs in mind as we stock our shop. If you want to shop for individual pieces you are welcome to do so and if you want to shop an outfit or wardrobe you can do that as well. Shopping has never been this easy, fun and elegant and that is why I am so excited about our new range of handbags.
    Shopping for a beautiful, elegant occasions abaya . . . .
    . . . . pick up the perfect evening bag at the same time!
Crystal Clutch BlackCrystals Evening Bag
Are you looking for a classic office or everyday look?
Misty Moments
We have the perfect genuine leather bag for you.
Beige Stitch Leather Tote
Do you need a great casual look or every day look that can take you anywhere?
Pink Marine Abaya
How about adding a fun pop of color to finish the look!
Light Pink Chic Tote
  . . . . and of course we didn't forget our little ladies out there. We have adorable flower handbags to carry all of their treasures and accessories they cant be without :D.

Too cute right?
   Be sure to check out our boutique for many more style and color options. We hope you will love the new handbag collection as much as we do.
Salaam ladies.

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