Monday, June 10, 2013

Finding Balance in my fashion addiction


    I love beautiful things and it can be easy to get carried away with shopping. I shop when I feel down and need a little pick me up. I often shop for clothing for several reasons. One reason is simple and that is that I like pretty things and when I feel like I look nice I feel better in general. I certainly don't think our whole since of self importance should be tied up in how we look but I cant deny that how I look on the outside effects how I feel on the inside. As long as we don't get carried away focusing on the outside it can be a healthy to spend a little time and energy taking care of ourselves.
   I think a lot of us ladies like the idea of having a designer piece of clothing. I personally don't think labels and brands make a big impression on me but I like clothing that is thoughtfully designed and the detailing of it really make it special and set it apart. There are brands I like because they consistently make beautiful items and quality items. On the other hand I would never buy an item specifically because of the brand. I think this is a trap some people fall into. You can easily blow your wardrobe budget buying high end brands. Their is nothing wrong with owning a few luxury items (they of course can be really great). I don't want a label just to impress other people though. I want my clothing to be working for me (comfort, quality, style) rather than trying to be a living billboard for any brand name. I actually think too many pieces of clothing that have an obvious label can leave you looking like you are trying too hard.
   If I am going to spend a little more on an item I want something that will give me maximum versatility. Number one it has to be comfortable. If I feel cinched in or a fabric feels scratchy chances are I wont wear it no matter how nice it looks. I love bright colors and all manner of ethnic patterns and florals and well . . . I love so many different styles. I have figured out that how I want to look and what my personal style is can change from one day to the next. I can watch a fashion video on you tube and suddenly feel inspired to go for a soft vintage look or flip through a catalogue and decide I want a boho globe trekking look. But I know my budget wont let me buy a new outfit every time I am inspired to try a new look. I have figured out that what works best for me is buying solid color abayas. Our abaya at Khimar online are deceptively simple. They are simple in that they can be used as everyday pieces and dressed up or down in so many ways but our designs are made to give every garment beautiful fit and flair so they are anything but your typical abaya. So once I have a solid abaya I can add different accessories from one day to the next and wear the same abayas over and over again without being stuck wearing the same outfit a hundred times. I like to invest a little in having good quality basics and then have fun buying all of those patterns, bright colors and ethnically inspired pieces in my jewelry and hijabs.
    If you have some occasion whether it be a party or an interview or whatever situation and you want to create a luxury look that is when you can add some of those designer pieces. I would say just add one piece such as a handbag, watch  or jewelry item. It just gives a sophisticated ease without shouting look at me.
    So that is how I try and create balance in my passion for fashion. I find beautifully made abayas (from Khimaronline of course ;D ) that don't have overwhelming colors or bling. I love a beautiful abaya that I can create numerous outfits with.  I also love our hijab collection that can take my outfit from demure, to classic, to fun, to bold or wherever my mood takes me. Now I am also so excited about our collection of handbags that will be coming out shortly. We would love to be your one shop stop for creating beautiful modest looks :).
Salaam Ladies.

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