Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Have you found your Eid outfit yet?

   The blessed month of Ramadan is rapidly approaching. There is lots of excitement and even more preparation sometimes. We spend more of our time focused on our faith and on charity and self improvement (Alhamdulillah). It is a beautiful time and can also be a very busy time as well.  We tend to put more focus on the food we prepare because we want things to be festive and nice and also just because we are hungry :D. We are often blessed with the opportunity to visit and share this beautiful time with family, friends and many members of the community. It can also be a bit of a trying time because our bodies are pushed harder if we must maintain a normal schedule during our fast and particularly when Ramadan arrives in the peak of summer.  The month of Ramadan can undeniably be a busy time for a lot of us between preparations, fasting, fellowship and reflections on the beauty of our shared faith so it can be a good idea to get some of the preparation done ahead of time. I know many people try and prepare some meals or different dishes in advance and freeze them so they can ease some of the burden of cooking. Some people prepare for fasting by stepping down some of the caffeinated products they consume to avoid withdraw symptoms. Some may even practice eating and drinking less or shifting towards eating and drinking more in the evenings. So whatever preparations you may make I have one suggestion that Khimar Online can help you with.

   One thing to consider is picking out an Eid outfit before Ramadan. That way you wont be stuck searching for the perfect outfit during a very busy time. We have many beautiful occasions abaya available on our website right now and more arriving very soon.
    If you are looking for a very elegant occasions abaya we have many beautiful options that will be perfect for any get together.
    Maybe you are just shopping for some elegant finishing touches for a beautiful outfit you have already selected. We have an amazing range of hijabs, underscarves, pins cosmetics and much more. Halal Organic Lipstick
   Any of these items can make great gift ideas as well :). 
  If you are looking for a special outfit for Eid but you want it to be a great garment that you are going to be able to get plenty of everyday out of as well we offer many beautiful styles that can be dressed up for special occasions but can still be beautiful staples in your wardrobe.
Misty Moments
Berry Heart
  Relieve a little stress and have fun at the same time by picking out your perfect outfit in advance. Plus, we have many items that are perfect for gifting or for treating yourself. Ramadan is approaching and I am so thankful for the many blessing we all receive.
Salaam ladies.

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