Friday, June 28, 2013

Staycationing :)

Staycationing :)

       The weather is heating up , the kids are at home and I am trying to enjoy every moment.  I don't have any plans to go on holiday any time soon so I am actively trying to make my home and yard a great staycation destination. I think more and more people are taking this approach and the popularity of creating beautiful outdoor spaces and outdoor rooms is on the rise. I think it is a wonderful idea. Why not make home the sanctuary you enjoying going to every day. I put together a simple version of my summer uniform. I love the idea of being dressed up but honestly most of the time I am a sunglasses and flip flop kind of girl :). With our beautiful blueberry abaya it is simple to pull of a casual cool look that actually is comfortable and practical.  I have been thoroughly enjoying my time at home with the family this year. Checking on my garden and eating the fruits of my labor is an amazing joy to me. Watching the kids at play in the backyard. . . in those moments everything seems right with the world. My son has become obsessed with his little motorized John Deere tractor and seems to wake up ready to ride on it every morning . His prior obsession of the past year and a half was vacuum cleaners. I had even upgraded his toy vacuum for a little stick vacuum which he had diligently been cleaning the house with everyday for the past few months. I couldn't walk through a department store without him scoping out the vacuum section and browsing it with utter delight. But alas he has outgrown his vacuuming days in favor of tractors and I have to do all of the cleaning again these days :P. He is cute on his tractor though :D. The downside to the tractor thing is that on rainy days he mopes around dreaming about riding his tractor. My husband has taken to showing him tractor videos on those days.  His favorite is this video of some kid riding his tractor. I have heard this song about a zillion times since it plays in the background. I am pretty sure this is the most annoying song in the universe and yet it has become the soundtrack of our house lately AHHHHHHH!!!!!! But you know what all of the beautiful moments and all of the exasperating moments will be our best memories one day :D. I catch myself staring at the kids sometimes trying to take mental snapshots of this time that passes by so fast.
   So if you are looking for the perfect everyday outfit whether you are vacationing or staycationing try our cozy Blueberry abaya. and get busy making your own beautiful memories ;).
Salaam Ladies.

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