Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A page from my Iftar Cheat sheet

It just wouldn’t be Ramadan with out Sambusas :). So here is my super easy to make sambusa recipe. (since super easy is me at my best ;) ).

Chop and fry half an onion (or more . . .up to you)
Add a few (2-3)  spoonfuls of the salsa I will show you below
Add about a pound of ground beef (or whatever ground meat you like  .. . or you can even go all veggie and use cauliflower)
Add one small can green peas or about a cup or so of frozen peas
To taste add a half a spoonful or so of chopped garlic, cumin, garam masala (make your own or just buy it at the grocery), salt, pepper (curry powder if you like)  . . you can kind of do whatever when it comes to the spicing and I usually do . . this is just what I happened to use this year
Brown the meat and it should look something like this:
*****Hmmm . . .my filling picture seems to have vanished somewhere . . . you are just going to have to imagine some cooked ground beef :)
I recommend making this a little in advance and draining the excess juices and refrigerating it for a while so it is easier to handle and it wont tend to tear up your wrappers as much with heat and moisture.

You can make your own wraps but I recommend just going and buying some egg roll wraps from the grocery store because it is quicker and easier and tastes good ;) .

I cut the stack into thirds like this so they are the perfect size for making sambusa.

Take a strip and make a little cone on the end like this so you can put a little spoonful of your filling in there.

After you add your filling continue wrapping the strip back and forth like you are making a paper football and then seal the loose end by smearing a line of sambusa glue on the end. Sambusa glue=paste of flour and water.
Now all you have to do is heat up your oil and deep fry all of your little sambusas.

. . . and here is my yummy (but greasy plate of sambusa).  The whole recipe makes about two platefuls this size. You could stretch your filling much further by adding cauliflower or potatoes or whatever your little mind can imagine :) . I always serve mine with the salsa ;)  . Easy and good  and sort of home made :D . I usually freeze the left overs in bags of six or eight so everyday I can reheat them in the oven for iftar.


Darn I wish my pictures looked more appetizing. Anyway, this is a super simple dip.  We eat this with almost anything.  It is tomatoes, cilantro, jalapenos (and YAY! We have all of this stuff in the garden this year. Yummy! ) or any kind of hot pepper you like and some salt. You can chop it or blend it depending on your preference. I blended mine and then added some chopped onions to it after. For some reason onions in the blender disgust me so they always go in last just chopped.
  So for those of you who are good cooks feel free to laugh at me :). For those of you who are lazy cooks such as myself. . . enjoy the Sambusas :D .
 Salaam Ladies.

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