Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another super simple sorta homemade recipe for Ramadan :)

   I am all about super easy and simple recipes. I'm not sure my baklava could compare to fresh from the fancy bakery baklava but it sure beats the heck out of stuff you can find prepackaged at the grocery or outlet club. . . those always seem a bit stale and dry to me. . . but this recipe is definitely a nice taste for very little effort  or skill :).

  First I should say that this time I just made half of the recipe since it is really rich and you serve it in small portions. So if you want to make a larger batch in a 9x13 size pan then just double this. I made mine in a smaller rectangle and I'm not exactly sure of the size but I am pretty sure I have used a 9x9 square in the past. You can pretty  much adapt this to any smaller size pan by folding the phyllo dough accordingly. :)

In a mixing bowl mix 1/2 cup sugar(you could halve the sugar or omit it if you like because these are very sweet :D)
                                             1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
                                            1/4 teaspoon nutmeg
                                               1/4 teaspoon allspice
                                                1 cup finely chopped pecans (because my hubby likes them . . but you could use walnuts or any type of nut you like I suppose)
Melt one stick of butter= 1/2 cup
Buy prepackaged phyllo dough. They generally come with two pouches of rolled up dough inside. For this recipe you will only use one pouch. You have to let the dough thaw a little bit if frozen so you can unroll it.
Put a little butter on the bottom of the dish you are using. Then place two folded sheets of phyllo dough on top of that creating four layers. Coat the top of that with plenty of butter.

Take a few spoonfuls of your nut mixture and sprinkle it evenly around the top of your dough.
You can add the nuts pretty sparingly since you are going to make so many layers. So once you add the nuts add two more folded sheets (4 layers . . but it doesn't have to be exactly four . . you can use more or less) Top those new layers with melted butter and continue with this cycle until you run out of filling.  Top it all off with your remaining dough and top that with your remaining butter.

Now you are ready to place it into your oven (Preheated to 350 . . hmm . . shoulda mentioned that sooner ;) ) Cook it in the oven for 50 minutes and it should be golden brown on top.
When you remove it from the oven cut it into squares.
Pour about 8oz of honey (This works best if you heat the honey up a little bit in a pan so it pours easily)  on top of the baklava and try to follow the lines you cut and around the outer edges so honey gets everywhere.  Now it is all ready to serve warm or at room temperature later. Yum! If you want to fancy up the look a smidge you could garnish the top with some whole pecans or sprinkle on some chopped up bits.

Some people make syrups or honey and syrup mixes but I think it is just as yummy made totally with honey. Sometimes simple is yummy :). Even though this is a super easy recipe people seem to get the impression that it is a little fancy. . . all the better right? Baklava is another special taste of Ramadan to me. I made half the recipe thinking we will enjoy a little now and another little batch on Eid.
Salaam Ladies.

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