Sunday, July 14, 2013

Beat the heat in cool new styles

  If you have worn and loved our jersey abayas then you already know  how soft and cool our jersey is to wear. If you have only seen our styles online now is the perfect chance to order something new and beautiful and comfortable as the summer heat is setting in on us. We are so proud of our jersey. It is amazingly light and soft and perfect to keep you looking and feeling cool. It drapes beautifully and all of our abayas are created with a generous and very feminine flow to them. Our abays are tailored and shaped so they glide over the body and are very flattering while maintaining all of the modesty you expect and need in an abaya.

    Greycious is a beautiful soft and casual option. This is a great everyday abaya that can take you anywhere. It is the perfect balance so you never feel overdressed or under dressed. . . you just feel pretty :).
Pearl Bisque is a reminder of how your natural beauty shines in a palate of  creamy smooth neutrals. A great classy option.

  Minty moments is a celebration of summer in an exquisite shade of pastel mint. One of our popular abaya styles lightened up to really let your girly side show.

   Please tell us what you think of the new colors and styles arriving daily? What colors would you like to see in the future? Do you love naturals and neutrals or do you prefer pastels or are you into the traditional navys and blacks?

   Our bestselling Navy Marine abaya is back in stock for those of you who missed your size in the past. Hurry and pick one up before they start selling out again.
   Be sure and check back often because we are constantly updating and adding to our stock!
Salaam Ladies.

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