Sunday, July 28, 2013

Decisions, decisions

  Can you believe that Ramadan is passing so quickly? It seems like I was just preparing for Ramadan to begin and now here I am planning for Eid which is rapidly approaching. We have so many beautiful abayas in our new collection and I am having a hard time narrowing down which one I want to wear for Eid.  The weather is still quite hot here and my plans are a bit more informal so I am considering wearing one of our super stylish jersey abayas because our jersey is so light and soft and perfect for a full day of congregation and visiting without wilting or feeling at all constricted. I haven't made any final decisions yet because I do also relish the opportunity to dress up and go all out and wear something like one of our stunning chiffon abayas.
    These are definitely on my short list for what I am going to wear this year for Eid :).
Today I have put together one look I am considering. This look is our jersey abaya 'Aswad' dressed up with a sequined hijab and some simple pearl accessories. I thought it made a pretty nice, soft, elegant look that looked put together but not at all fussy. What do you think?

  Aswad is such a wonderful everyday abaya because the look is so deceptively simplistic. I think the secret to a well constructed garment is one that is flattering and has beautiful flow and movement and all of the details are impeccable so that everything works together to make the look easy and simple. You want to wear a garment rather than letting the garment wear you.
Aswad is a definite must have for any abaya wearing hijabi but honestly I think it is a must have in any wardrobe. The shape of this abaya is modest and flattering and moves so gracefully. You get a slight shaping because this abaya is not at all boxy or heavy like some of the traditional abayas from years gone by. You get all of the modesty you need but with a much more liquid flow. This abaya does not cling to the body anywhere. The flair begins with the subtle pleats at the neck line and gradual floats outward to the hem. The proportions on this abaya are perfect for modesty and for a fashionable look.
(Oh, by the way if you like this loose open type of hijab style then all you need to create this look is your regular hijab and one of our neck covers  which are actually a one piece neck cover and underscarf so you get full coverage. . . . love these!)

What are you planning for your Eid look. Do you want a simple and elegant look that you can easily translate into you everyday wardrobe like Aswad? Do you want to go all out with chiffon, sequins and embroidery ? Check out our online shop at for a wide selection of styles ranging from sporty to classic to everyday to elegant to formal and glamorous:). We have so many choices to help make those special occasions perfect and to help make everyday a little more fabulous :D.
Salaam Ladies.


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