Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Graceful in Greycious

Graceful in Greycious

Graceful in Greycious by khimar

I am such a nut for anything grey. I don't know what it is but anything grey automatically seems softer and cozier than any other color. Now, in our Greycious abaya spot on styling and a soft grey have come together to create the perfect casual outfit. I say casual because light grey has always read as a casual color to me but this abaya certainly could be work appropriate as well since the lines are very clean and tailored. The polo styling of this abaya will definitely make it my go anywhere abaya. The polo styling gives it a very upscale casual look. You can go very elegant and simple like the outfit above or you can really playoff of the preppy polo look and perhaps  tie a cardigan across your shoulders and add one of our plaid hijabs.

(one of my personal favorites btw and on sale right now ;) )

I am really excited about this abaya because in the past I have loved the casual cool look of a polo but have had a hard time finding a hijab appropriate polo that fit my style. Many polo shirts are cut quite boxy and therefor can look less flattering with a skirt. Polo dresses for the most part tend to either be short or sleeveless or too form fitting. This abaya is like the perfect polo styling for modest wear. You get the casual yet tailored look of a polo top and then it is shaped slightly at the waist and then flairs out beautifully in the skirt portion for extra modesty and beauty as well. I love it!!! Everything has just come together so well. The jersey fabrication is perfect for wearability and washability. The buttons at the neckline are fully functional so this is also a really great option for you breast feeding mothers as well.  I hope you will visit our shop to see this lovely abaya and other new styles arriving online.
Salaam Ladies.

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