Sunday, July 7, 2013

Pretty in pink . . . . and blue ;)

Pretty in pink . . . . and blue ;)

Pretty in pink . . . . and blue ;) by khimar

When its summer time sometimes I just need a good kick of color. It just doesn't feel right to me to stay dressed up in all of the heavy drab colors of winter. I want to bloom like the flowers :). Adding a good punch of color to your days doesn't mean getting a whole new wardrobe. You can stay in your basic black abaya and with a few colorful accessories you can create a look that is as light and fun as the season.  When I am relaxing or on vacation I gravitate towards simple easy outfits and cute light hearted accessories. Our new color blocked handbag is the PERFECT accessory for summer. It is a structured bag that you can carry anywhere but the colors are so beautiful and playful and a perfect way to lighten up your look. I used our simply black abaya and added my two favorite accent colors pink and turquoise. The overall look is light and clean and fresh and makes your basic abaya ready for some summer fun.
Salaam ladies.

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