Friday, July 12, 2013

Spotlight Bejeweled

   Bejeweled is honestly one of my favorite abayas that we have offered. I always say that every woman needs at least one great occasions outfit. If you are a busy social butterfly you probably need plenty. If you are more like me and mostly just busy raising kids and with daily affairs you can probably get by with just one or two outfits for special occasions. Since I have less occasion for formalwear I try to find really great pieces that can be dressed up differently with different accessories so I can get more wear out of them without looking like  I show up to every wedding and party in the same dress :). Another thing I look for in occasions wear is something that I can dress up for a totally elegant formal look and that I can still wear it to a nice dinner out and not look over dressed. Bejeweled fits the bill on both counts. This abaya is simple and elegant and beautiful enough for any occasion and classic enough that you will be able to get plenty of wear out of this beautiful abaya.

   Bejeweled features a lacelike threadwork on the bodice that is embellished with tonal sequins. The cuffs are similarly detailed. The look is very soft and subtle. It definitely elevates the look so it is appropriate for special occasion wear but it creates a very elegant look and not a blingy look. This is the kind of abaya that when you look at it you appreciate the details and the quality of the workmanship and the subtlety of the design enhances the wearer and gives the impression that the abaya is much more expensive than its modest price tag.

   There is a beautiful pleating detail under the bust. The skirt on this abaya is beautiful and full and dances around you when you wear this abaya. The entire abaya is lined in a silky satin and the dress itself is a gorgeous chiffon.

   The chiffon is really what gives this abaya so much movement and such a soft beautiful look.

   In the first pictures I tried to create more of an evening look with a deep burgundy hijab and our rose hijab pin and a pair of heels.  In the last couple of pictures I tried to create a more day appropriate look perhaps for a less formal daytime wedding or event. I switched to a lighter brighter hijab and a pair of embellished sandals.

    Bejeweled is the perfect abaya to consider for all of your special occasions. Ramadan and Eid are quickly approaching. Do you know what you will be wearing ;) ?
Salaam Ladies.

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