Thursday, August 15, 2013

A few well wishes for all of you :)

   I want to offer all of you beautiful ladies out there a belated Eid Mubarak. I spent my day surrounded by friends and family and it was an amazing ending to a beautiful month. InshaAllah all of you had a wonderful holiday as well. It is always a little bitter sweet when Ramadan has come and gone. This blessed month really puts all of my blessings into perspective and it always comes and goes so quickly :(. I am really going to try and carry some of the good feeling and introspection with me throughout the year. We all know that anytime is the perfect time for charity and remember that charity doesn't just have to mean charity in the financial sense (although that is great and very important). A donation of our time can mean so much to so many people whether it be an older relative, someone in a difficult situation or time spent giving back to the community around you. Charity can even be given in the simplest of moments and gestures.  . .  letting someone know you care, helping to boost someone's confidence with a few words or even with an encouraging smile. I know it sounds too small to really mean much but life experience has taught me other wise. I know in my life a kind word or a simple smile has been enough to make me feel welcome in a group or given me the confidence to try and do something new or follow a dream so if I can ever give that back in any small way I will try to do just that. So even  though Ramadan has come and gone once again I welcome all of you ladies to carry a little piece of this special time with us all year. InshaAllah we will all grow closer and kinder to one another and closer to Allah as well. Thank you for supporting our dream here at Khimar online and we wish you success in your aspirations as well.
                          Salaam Ladies.

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