Thursday, September 26, 2013

Are you fall fashion ready?

  Can you believe that summer is almost over. . .  the evenings are cool, the little ones are headed back to school and it is the perfect time to tweak your wardrobe. Fall is definitely one of my favorite times of year. I love that the oppressive heat is behind us and yet the weather is just pleasant and cool. The fall color palate is rich and beautiful and very earthy. These beautiful spice colors we see around us in nature are the perfect colors to incorporate into our wardrobes to create fresh autumn wardrobe looks.

   The weather is pleasant and cooler than summer but not yet the biting cold of winter. This makes the transition into fall fashion much easier. You don't have to put away your summer wardrobe because you can just add a few light layers and some warm colors and you can reinvent your wardrobe for fall.
   Your favorite abayas from the summer can still be your favorite looks for autumn.
   Any of our jersey abayas are perfect for layering as we head into cooler weather. The fitted sleeve designs make adding a cardigan, blazer or light sweater east , comfortable and great looking. Picking up a sweater vest is another easy way to add a little warmth and a little bit of an autumn look to your outfit. Another way to start transitioning your wardrobe is adding the perfect pops of color that represent the new season. Earth tones are perfect for the season and so amazingly flattering to almost all skin tones.
Mustard Silky Crinkle Scarf
Terracotta Silky Crinkle Scarf
Have you started welcoming fall into your wardrobe yet?  Its easy, fun and one of my absolute favorite ways of dressing :).
 Salaam Ladies.


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