Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Snacking my way healthy

  I am trying to take a few small steps towards a healthier lifestyle. One of these steps is trying to eat a little bit healthier. Meals have not been as much of a problem as my snacking habits. When I take the time to plan and cook a meal for my family I usually try to make sure that I am cooking something healthy and nutritious and balanced. When I am alone or on the go my decision making about snacking can be a little impaired. I think like a lot of women I have a tendency towards munching when I am bored or upset. Sometimes my day is so hectic that a lot of time passes and I may even skip a meal so I accidentally work up a crazy appetite and am prone to stuffing my face with anything in close proximity to me.

   To make up for my bad habits I am trying to surround myself with healthier snacks and of course plenty of water. I try to make sure that I have plenty of fruit handy and pack it with me when I am on the go. So if I am out and about and get a raging sweet tooth I can just pick out an apple or an orange instead of being tempted by a vending machine or all of the goodies lurking in the checkout line :). I think one way I am trying to nip over eating in the bud is making sure that I do eat snacks at regular intervals between meals so I don't approach meals feeling like I am starving. I know this all seems really simple but it can be a real challenge to recondition yourself to be prepared and to make smarter choices. I know it is hard for me to resist all of the chocolates and cakes and goodies out there. . . one thing that helps is filling up on healthy snacks because if I am less hungry it is easier to over come that temptation. But sometimes I do let myself have some of those goodies. I fully intend to eat a slice of birthday cake at my son's birthday party :D. Healthy eating shouldn't feel like torture or deprivation. . . it should just feel . . .  healthy ;).
Salaam Ladies.

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